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We are specialists in physiotherapy and non-invasive neuromodulation
We practice specific mobilization treatments for nerves, in case of neurogenic diseases and syndromes.Learn more about us

Non Invasive Therapies

Deep nerve stimulation with specific mobilizations and equipment.
Without medicines. To reduce pain, to prevent a surgical operation or to improve the result, limiting recurrences.Learn More about treatments

Nervenia Methodology

Specific care for your problem
Nervenia method is based on two factors: Neurodynamics, to fix the nerves from those constrictions that prevent their correct mobility creating discomfort and pain and Neuromodulation, for the restoration and improvement of nerve functionLearn More about our new Therapy

Rivoli Hours

9.00 - 19.00

Sesto Hours

Monday and Thursday
13.30 - 18.30
Tuesday Wednesday and Friday
13.30 - 16.00


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When you need a Nervenia treatment


In the most common cases of hernias, sciatics,carpal tunnel, Morton's Neuroma, scoliosis or:

    • When you even feel the first symptoms of pain, tingling or any abnormal sensation in the limbs.
    • When a disease involving the peripheral nervous system and nerves is diagnosed, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, Morton's neuroma, cervicobrachialgia...

  • When undergoing surgery for the release of nerve entrapments (hernias, carpal tunnel, narrow medullary canal ..).
  • When pains, tingling or abnormal sensations to the limbs appear after a trauma or surgery.

How are your nerves?

A periodic check or at the first symptoms of disturbance is valuable to verify the situation, detect any anomalies in time and treat them before they become painful or problematic pathologies. This is a fundamental evaluation to target the problem and to go directly to the origin of pain and disorder.

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valutazione preventiva

Preventive: to reduce pain and risks

  Many neurogenic problems result in pathologies that require more complex and invasive interventions, both medical and surgical. Recognizing these problems in their initial stage and intervening in time with an appropriate and specific treatment allows to minimize any worsening , its painful effects and its consequences in terms of annoyance, pain, and complications going to require surgical interventions.
terapia post-chirurgica

Post-Surgical: to maintain and consolidate

After surgery for resolution of neurogenic pathologies such as carpal tunnel, spine or even classic orthopedic surgery after fractures, the reactions of the tissues can create adherences that interfere with the normal mobility of the nerve. In this case, relapses can occur even after perfectly performed surgical interventions. Nervenia treatments have the specific purpose of avoiding these relapses, to guarantee a controlled and safe post-operative course.

We Are Nervenia

Discover more on Nervenia’s crew
Roberto Bergamo
Roberto Bergamo Physiotherapist, founder of NerveniaPhysiotherapist since 1989.  I have been applying neurophysiology and manual therapy in  physiotherapic field to give people a new method of treatment of neurogenic pathologies, to act where traditional methods do not arrive.
Simona Capecchi
Simona Capecchi PhysiotherapistI have been working in Nervenia since 2015. I daily evaluate and treat patients with multiple pathologies, from disorders of traumatic origin to chronic pains that increasingly affect people's lives today.
Lucia Rizzi PhysioterapistI've been in rehab for about 20 years. I have been working in Nervenia since 2016. I take special care of patients with all those orthopedic and neurological diseases involving the peripheral nervous system.
Sara Bergamo
Sara Bergamo Secretary and LogisticI've been working in Nervenia since it was born. I manage the appointments and the organization of the study. I am the first contact with patients, my job is to welcome them and to transmit their trust in this new path.

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