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Cura Morbo De Quervain


It is a tendinitis with a strong and early tendency to become chronic, which affects the wrist with a swelling on the side of the radio that extends on the dorsal side of the thumb. From painful and disabling consequences, it often requires a surgical solution. It often affects women during the first period after childbirth, during the period of breastfeeding.


Among the major causes we find the coincidence of factors that coincide in the period of breastfeeding:

- nutritional (during pregnancy and lactation the mother's body gives priority to the baby, so it is in a state of relative malnutrition, with the lack of useful elements for the health of tendons)

- hypersollecitation or excessive and prolonged use, due to the fact that the baby stands very long in mother’s arms.

Nervenia treatment

In this particular period of a woman's life it is not possible to take drugs that could interfere with breastfeeding. It is therefore necessary to act without the use of chemical and pharmacological elements. The association of adequate physiotherapy to heal tissues and impaired nerve transmission associated with good nutritional supplementation is essential to avoid the chronicity of this pathology. As in other tendinous pathologies, De Quervain's disease reacts very well to the Deep Nerve Stimulation a particular type of specific current that improves the functionality of the peripheral nervous system, in order to improve the metabolic and histological commands on the tendinous tissue.

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