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Cura Epicondilite


The epicondylitis, even if called "tennis elbow" does not affect only athletes but all those who perform a repetitive activity with upper limbs. There are several forms of epicondylitis, all characterized by pain on the outside of the elbow. If not treated correctly, the situation becomes increasingly serious and painful to the point that even the simple gesture of lifting the arm to drink a glass of water becomes problematic


The cause of epicondylitis is always mechanical, due to hypersollecitation of the part. Repetitive hand and forearm work (such as that performed by on-line workers, electricians, plumbers, tennis players) is a predisposing factor. It often begins with a minor contusive trauma on the side of the elbow, which in association with repetitive movements triggers the pathology

Nervenia treatment

Epicondylitis generally responds well to physiotherapy or infiltrative therapy. However, there is a neurogenic form, clinically identical to the others, on which classical therapies are ineffective. In this case it is a suffering of the radial nerve, which must be treated with the Deep Nerve Stimulation a particular type of current specific for the nervous tissue to decrease the percentage of neurogenic pain.

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