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Cura Intrappolamento Nervo Ulnare


The true entrapment of the ulnar nerve occurs in the elbow, and if not corrected in time leads to a safe surgical treatment, since it creates a paralysis of the fine movements of the hand. Start with the shakes from the elbow to get to the ring finger and the little finger. An identical clinical picture - even if less serious - arises from sensitization of the ulnar nerve in the forearm, which often affects those who consinuosly use computer mouse: always keep the forearm leaning against the table irritates this nerve.


The entrapment derives from a degeneration of fatigue, excessive use or old trauma of the passage of the nerve in the elbow. Often bone spikes are formed, called osteophytes, which harness the nerve irritating it and making it difficult to transmit signals. In this pathological picture, early diagnosis is fundamental, otherwise the only solution remains the surgery.

On the other hand, the treatment of sensitization in the forearm is simpler. The preventive advice is to vary the positions of the arm and the hand often during the use of the working computer to avoid fatigue and irritation.

Nervenia treatment

Diagnosed early, entrapment of the ulnar nerve can be treated with excellent results restoring normal nerve mobility through manual and instrumental therapy and at the same time on its ability to correctly transmit the impulses with the Deep Nerve Stimulation, a particular type of current that acts specifically on nervous tissue. We have developed a method that is also valuable to avoid the numerous recurrences in the post-operative phase through the manual and instrumental therapy associated. This is a procedure on which we have a particular experience, as Nervenia was born precisely from the treatment of a case of entrapment of the ulnar nerve.

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