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Nervenia Fisioterapia Neuromodulazione

We are specialists in physiotherapy and non-invasive neuromodulation. We practice specific mobilization treatments for nerves, in case of neurogenic diseases and syndromes.

There are many situations in which a nerve can create problems. Often we notice it from the first pain, and in this case a preventive treatment avoids the occurring of more serious problems.

In situations where surgery is required, our treatment is useful both before and after surgery:

  • first to ease the pain
  • later to avoid the formation of adherence that can create new problems

The key aspect of Nervenia system is that treatments are never invasive!

They combine physiotherapy and neurodynamics, adding The Deep Nerve Stimulation,a special type of electrical impulses which act specifically on peripheral nervous tissues. .

The concept behind Nervenia: non-invasive treatments, which are often able to avoid surgical interventions or limit treatments with medicines and their side-effects.


The scientific basis of the Nervenia system

We have created a protocol that governs every treatment intervention on any pathology.

Here is the bibliography of scientific studies to which we refer in our treatments: Bibliographic References Nervenia (pdf)

To these are added the continuous research with the presence at conferences and training courses, to constantly improve the quality of treatment offered to patients.


When Nervenia is useful

Nervenia is an innovative treatment system, which focuses attention on the peripheral nervous system which with its ramifications involves the whole body.

Our treatments are important whenever a nerve has a mobility defect referring to surrounding tissues. The scientific definition is "entrapment of the nerve" that fails to perform all its usual functions, creating rigid movements, pains, tingling or other symptoms peculiar to any specific pathology.

In the case of the nerves, there is no traumatic change that at any moment creates the pathology. These are mainly physiological changes that develop slowly, so slowly that the patient fails to notice the beginning of this change, but only realizes it when the pain takes over.

That's why being able to act as soon as possible is crucial to make the treatment faster and more effective, as well as obviously to minimize patients’ complications and pain.


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